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Tesla Uncoils

In pursuit of my Horrid Little Agenda

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Vinnie Tesla
4 November 1972
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  • vinnie@vinnietesla.com
I'm Vinnie Tesla. I write dirty stories.

My first single author collection. The Erotofluidic Age, is now available for download from Circlet Press.

Circlet Press's e-book anthology Like a Long Road Home contains my fantasy story, Ota Discovers Fire, which features my own version of werewolves.
My comic Steampunk story The Ontological Engine, or, the Modern Leda is available as part of the Circlet Press e-book Up For Grabs: Exporing the Worlds of Gender, or as a standalone audiobook read by myself. The first chapter is a free download.

Most of my older stories can be read for free at VinnieTesla.com. This journal has occasional bits of fiction, but mostly it's a venue for my often snarky or pedantic thoughts about sex and sex writing. Content is sometimes sexually explicit, so people not of age to read explicit material in their jurisdictions should go elsewhere.

A few more dribbles of biographical data can be found at my Q&A page.

My default user icon is from a picture by Lady Neko, which was used to illustrate my story Rivals on Ruthie's Club, an very cool illustrated sex fiction site.

You may add or remove my journal from your Livejournal friends list or other aggregator without a care in the world. If you really want to know my thoughts on the matter, I've written a couple more words on the subject for you.

How do you feel about late comments, Vinnie? I love them. Please do not hesitate to comment on any entry of mine here, no matter how old, and please don't apologize when you do it. It often takes me a couple weeks or more to figure out what I want to say about something, and my interest in your responses doesn't diminish much over time.

If my interests list is confusing, I jotted down some annotations to help explain it.

You want to mail me stuff, don't you? I knew it! Send it to me at:

PO Box 441387
Somerville MA 02144

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