Vinnie Tesla (vinnie_tesla) wrote,
Vinnie Tesla

On Language

In translating this history from the Unobtanian, I have, for the sake of clarity and concision, taken certain liberties with the text. For example:
* The terms "ekdol," "ekdolha," "ekdolnu," "merk," "borate as kallataba," and "avai" I have translated as "cousin" throughout.
* "Veh" [red fruit] and "elatu bok eraz monaa" [not-red fruit] have both been rendered as "fruit."
* For "mohe," which can mean either prostitute, musician, or youngest son, I have attempted to interpret, based on context. This has likely resulted in some loss of deliberate ambiguity.
* The most common imprecation in the book, "mezafka ge!", is actually, interestingly enough, an acronym for "metach edru zutun a fenka kar aldo, gebat ena," which means, roughly, "May all your maternal uncles be publically accused of cowardice, and fail to reputiate the charges." I have rendered this as "Fuck you!"
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