Vinnie Tesla (vinnie_tesla) wrote,
Vinnie Tesla

Indie Bookstores and Ebooks

Dear Porter Square Books,

You asked a great question this evening:
What do you want from the #ebooks arm of independent bookstores?

I'm replying here rather than on Twitter because I have rather more than 126 characters worth of stuff to say.

First, my biases: I'm a local writer, mostly of ebooks, published by a local publisher, mostly of ebooks, so my response is colored by that. I'd love to see my books, and books like mine, promoted and sold through PSB. I'd love to be promoting you guys not just as an awesome store with awesome service (and a damn fine iced mocha), but the best and coolest place to buy my work.

The ebook glut is a big deal in the history of literature. As the number of books coming out each year explodes, one thing we need urgently is new matchmakers--dedicated, book-loving people matching up readers with exciting new (and old) books. Publishers can't fulfill this role--they're too invested in their own stables. Writers sure as hell can't. Bookstores--independent, knowledgable bookstores like you guys--potentially can. You can build a virtual bookstore, curated and vetted by staff (and perhaps trusted patrons), as big and diverse as you have the time and energy to make it, that serves the interests of writers, publishers, readers, and yourselves all at once.

Also you should totally have me do a reading some time. Drop me a line!

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