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Fantastic Erotica is now showin' up all over the web. The ebook is already available on Amazon, BarnesAndNoble, and Smashwords, and the print book is showing up hither and yon for preorder, even though it doesn't ship until October.

On October 4th, there'll be a launch party at the Brookline MA Good Vibrations, including readings and signings by Adorable Me and a bunch of other book contributors.

Publisher's Weekly (Yeah, that Publisher's Weekly) gave Fantastic Erotica a starred rave review, singling out Ota Discovers Fire for special praise. Local bookstore Porter Square Books gave me their copy of PW free for nothing, and I've been running around shoving it in people's faces ever since.

Did I mention that there's also gonna be an Ota Discovers Fire standalone ebook? There is, out in October, and the cover art is being done an awesome comix artist friend of mine, who recently sent me a draft, and it looks amazing! When it's finalized, I'll definitely post it here.
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