Vinnie Tesla (vinnie_tesla) wrote,
Vinnie Tesla

Readercon! ...and...other stuff

Man I have been totally failing at social media these days. I'm sorry, guys! Various dayjobs have been kicking my ass.

Readercon is next week, in Massachusetts, and I'm on a panel Friday evening (on a favorite topic of mine--language choice in SF and fantasy), and I'm doing a solo reading Saturday evening.

So that reading, it's from Ota Discovers Fire, which which was originally published two years ago.

But! Other news I totally flaked on posting here. 1) That story was chosen for inclusion in Circlet Press' first print anthology in like five years, Fantastic Erotica,, and 2) It actually won first prize in that collection!

So it seemed like celebrating with a reading would be an appropriate thing to do.

In other news, I'm editing my first anthology for Circlet--a collection of mad scientist-themed stories that should be out by early next year. And I'm still hard at work on my clean fantasy crime novel.

So, uh... what else haa happened while I've been gone?
Tags: announcements, my fascinating life

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