October 8th, 2009



Two reviews of Up For Grabs have appeared in the last few months, both of which single out Ontological Engine for comment. That's twice as many reviews as my free fiction ever got, which just goes to prove...something.

At Rainbow Reviews, Erin Schmidt wrote:
The real crown jewel in this treasure chest of sci-fi, though, is Vinnie Tesla's magnificent "The Ontological Engine, or, The Modern Leda." In this tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) tale set in the Victorian era, Daedalus Tesla (cousin of the famed Nikola) carries out bold sexual experiments. It has all the turn-of-the-last century charm and magic of the novel or film The Prestige, but with many more saucy ejaculations.

(she does not clarify whether "saucy" is here being used in the literal or metaphorical sense, so you are free to take your pick)

At The Erotica Readers Assoication. Lisabet Sarai wrote:
The final story in the book in Vinnie Tesla's bizarre and hilarious pseudo-Victorian opus, “The Ontological Engine, or The Modern Leda”. This bawdy tale, which reads like The Pearl on acid, seemed to me to have little connection to the book's theme, but it is so funny that it's worth the price of the book all by itself. Here's the first paragraph:

It is imperative that I make this utterly clear from the start: my motives in the affair of Miss Pertwee were the very highest. Desire for personal gain, worldly fame for the name of Daedalus Tesla, or selfish pleasure of any sort were absent from my mind at all junctures. I hope that my setting down the bare facts of the case will suffice to clarify that the dreadful outcome which resulted arose despite the noblest intentions on my part, and could never have been reasonably foreseen.

It continues in this vein, a delirious marriage of Frankenstein and Thorne Smith, until my stomach hurt from laughing and my husband begged me to stop dragging him away from his own book to read him juicy snippets.

In other OE news, ceciliatan tells me that the four part podcast reading will start appearing on the Circlet website Any Day Now. You can be sure I'll be pointing you to it when that happens.

And a sequel is starting to emerge, even more perverse and over-the-top than the last one. But hopefully shorter. The current working title, just to pique your cuoriosity, is Miss Pierce's New Position.