July 13th, 2009

dinosaur, erotica

Circletpress Chat Roundup

My Author Chat has officially ended, though the discussions in the comments are continuing to some degree. Here's some of what I posted:

I'm Vinnie, and I'll be your host for this weekend.
An intro, with a long excerpt from Ontological Engine and a bit of the story of how I came to write it.
Flash-Stroke Contest-y Thing
A call for Flash Stroke SF, along with the promise of a new short-short of my own, which, um, still hasn't happened.
The LOLs
A discussion of the relationship of erotica and humor.
They may not have invented the verbose subtitle,but they perfected it
A personal history of my relationship to Victorian porn.
Fantasy and Language
A discussion of our conventions of 'proper' language for dialogue in fantasy stories, with a short excerpt from the unpublished Ota Discovers Fire.