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LiveJournal is a great service, but it offers zip in the way of visitor-tracking. Therefore, I have a favor to ask of you: please leave me a comment letting me know who you are, and how you ended up here. No more detail than you're comfortable with, of course. Thanks much.
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On Language

In translating this history from the Unobtanian, I have, for the sake of clarity and concision, taken certain liberties with the text. For example:
* The terms "ekdol," "ekdolha," "ekdolnu," "merk," "borate as kallataba," and "avai" I have translated as "cousin" throughout.
* "Veh" [red fruit] and "elatu bok eraz monaa" [not-red fruit] have both been rendered as "fruit."
* For "mohe," which can mean either prostitute, musician, or youngest son, I have attempted to interpret, based on context. This has likely resulted in some loss of deliberate ambiguity.
* The most common imprecation in the book, "mezafka ge!", is actually, interestingly enough, an acronym for "metach edru zutun a fenka kar aldo, gebat ena," which means, roughly, "May all your maternal uncles be publically accused of cowardice, and fail to reputiate the charges." I have rendered this as "Fuck you!"

Indie Bookstores and Ebooks

Dear Porter Square Books,

You asked a great question this evening:
What do you want from the #ebooks arm of independent bookstores?

I'm replying here rather than on Twitter because I have rather more than 126 characters worth of stuff to say.

First, my biases: I'm a local writer, mostly of ebooks, published by a local publisher, mostly of ebooks, so my response is colored by that. I'd love to see my books, and books like mine, promoted and sold through PSB. I'd love to be promoting you guys not just as an awesome store with awesome service (and a damn fine iced mocha), but the best and coolest place to buy my work.

The ebook glut is a big deal in the history of literature. As the number of books coming out each year explodes, one thing we need urgently is new matchmakers--dedicated, book-loving people matching up readers with exciting new (and old) books. Publishers can't fulfill this role--they're too invested in their own stables. Writers sure as hell can't. Bookstores--independent, knowledgable bookstores like you guys--potentially can. You can build a virtual bookstore, curated and vetted by staff (and perhaps trusted patrons), as big and diverse as you have the time and energy to make it, that serves the interests of writers, publishers, readers, and yourselves all at once.

Also you should totally have me do a reading some time. Drop me a line!

Fantastic News

Fantastic Erotica is now showin' up all over the web. The ebook is already available on Amazon, BarnesAndNoble, and Smashwords, and the print book is showing up hither and yon for preorder, even though it doesn't ship until October.

On October 4th, there'll be a launch party at the Brookline MA Good Vibrations, including readings and signings by Adorable Me and a bunch of other book contributors.

Publisher's Weekly (Yeah, that Publisher's Weekly) gave Fantastic Erotica a starred rave review, singling out Ota Discovers Fire for special praise. Local bookstore Porter Square Books gave me their copy of PW free for nothing, and I've been running around shoving it in people's faces ever since.

Did I mention that there's also gonna be an Ota Discovers Fire standalone ebook? There is, out in October, and the cover art is being done an awesome comix artist friend of mine, who recently sent me a draft, and it looks amazing! When it's finalized, I'll definitely post it here.

Readercon! ...and...other stuff

Man I have been totally failing at social media these days. I'm sorry, guys! Various dayjobs have been kicking my ass.

Readercon is next week, in Massachusetts, and I'm on a panel Friday evening (on a favorite topic of mine--language choice in SF and fantasy), and I'm doing a solo reading Saturday evening.

So that reading, it's from Ota Discovers Fire, which which was originally published two years ago.

But! Other news I totally flaked on posting here. 1) That story was chosen for inclusion in Circlet Press' first print anthology in like five years, Fantastic Erotica,, and 2) It actually won first prize in that collection!

So it seemed like celebrating with a reading would be an appropriate thing to do.

In other news, I'm editing my first anthology for Circlet--a collection of mad scientist-themed stories that should be out by early next year. And I'm still hard at work on my clean fantasy crime novel.

So, uh... what else haa happened while I've been gone?

Hello hello hello?

I've realized that there's a bit of a feedback loop going. I feel like the number of people still readng this journal has declined in the last year or two, and that's made me less inclined to devote energy to putting together essays to post. This, of course, makes people less inclined to keep an eye out for my writing.

On the other hand, there's another explanation: maybe the little stuff I've posted has just been less interesting than I thought, and's that's why it hasn't provoked much in the way of comments.

So: Let me know. Are you still reading here? Is there a forum you like better? Should I be posting on Google+ or my own website instead? Or also? Don't be shy.
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I'll have you know this is all Hanne Blank's fault

It happened like this:!/hanneblank/status/141997572339408896

Sperm free, your jimmy needs no hat
Because we now know that
You're sperm free for life

'Cause of irradiation
or genetic mutation
You now are sperm free

Your vas deferens truncation
Caused your girlfriend elation
For you now are sperm free

All of your fornication
Won't increase population
Now that you are sperm free

Work-in-progress meme

From erastes:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

The Troglodytes' Congress
The Immortal Seven

The Always-On

Strange Enough
Amy Gets What She Wants

Name one of them and I'll give you a snippet from it and/or tell you something about it.

More social networks, more reviews

I've been alternately irritated and delighted with Google+ on my RL account, so I've gotten one for this identity, figuring that there's not much harm done if the Nymcops come for me. +Vinnie Tesla if you want to look me up or compare Angry Birds scores or something.

Oh, and I also have a Goodreads account, which I check in on from time to time.

Goodreads user Natalie, a woman I met briefly at Readercon, posted a fantastic review of Erotofluidic Age. I can't resist copying a bit of it:
This is really one of the best erotic books I have ever read--it's funny, engaging, the characters are well-drawn, and the wide variety of sexy times are really, really, really hot.

There's another review I'm similarly excited about that I just received word of today. However, it's not going to be appearing until October, so nyah-nyah. Rest assured that I'll tell you about it then. At length.

Still no reviews on Amazon, alas. Or, for that matter, Amazon. Or Amazon. If you (yes, YOU) are interested in reading it and reviewing it, let me know, and I can probably get you a deal. We'll do lunch. Have your people call my people
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